The objective of this journal is to encourage research, theoretical and conceptual articles in 7 traditions in the field of communications science (Craig, 1999; Griffin, 2003; Maguire, 2006).:

  1. The socio-psychological, adhere and accept any new communication that abides to already set systems of knowledge, beliefs, or values;
  2. The cybernetic, It examines the overall workings of communication in relation to systems;
  3. The semiotic tradition, is one discipline that brings to light the importance of signs and symbols and how they come to represent ideas and concepts through our own experiences and perceptions;
  4. The rhetorical traditions, adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas, through the use of language and symbols. The art of persuasion is embedded, as communication and information go hand in hand with educated societies and individuals;
  5. The socio-cultural, comparison to socio-psychological tradition is the study of one’s relationship as a whole to a culture rather than individual differences;
  6. The critical, sociological change through communicate is essential as studies within this variation tend to pivot around the powers, oppressions, inequalities, and demographically different privileges of a society;
  7. The phenomenological, the process of interpretation is at the central point of this tradition, stating that it is literally what forms the reality of the information or existence for that individual.